Master DarkNet Deep Web - Secrets of The DarkNet

Practically Learn Tor, DarkNet, DeepWeb Different Market and Technique to Super Anonymous on Internet.

Why Take This Course :

This specialized course is designed for Darknet & Deep Web Enthusiastic, Computer Science Students, Trainers, Government and Police Investigators, to understand how to browse into the hidden internet and access social media, darknet market place and how to operate in this new environment. 

This course contains advanced level content presented for an individual darknet user also those with a non-technical background will also benefit from the material presented.



Oussamaben says "It was a very good lecture That was done properly while taking into consideration the students are able to keep up and understand. It was quick and easy to learn and students could really benefit from more courses like these.

Looking forward to more courses like these."

Mohd Jibly says "Excellent course to learn about Darknet and Deep Web in short and sweet manner."

Ashari Ali says "As usual Gautam is very knowledgeable and easy to understand with his clear presentation."

Terry Finberg says : "very informative. I enjoyed the course."

and many more.....

From This Course You Will Learn :

  • Basic Terminology, Setting Up Secure And Safe Environment to Accessing the Deep Web or Dark Net.

  • Installing TOR to Access Darknet and Deepweb

  • Difference between Darknet, Deep Web and surface web.

  • Accessing Darknet & DeepWeb without using TOR

  • Access Social Media and Email service providers in Darknet

  • Drug, weapons, fake document selling online market on darknet

  • Redrooms + hiring hacker services demonstration

  • Darknet Hosting & darknet Search Engine

  • Finding new Darknet Links

  • Easily host your own website on darknet


Real-world examples and incidents support the course material. Students will practically learn everything along with a demonstration.

The course will allow students to understand Darknet and Deep web from Depth and Law enforcement to step up their investigative skills to meet the new challenges offered by the anonymity of the Darknet.

This course is a presentation and demonstration of the techniques.

Students are encouraged to follow along with the course using their laptop or computing devices.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No Questions Asked, 30 days Money Refund!


Setting Up Lab Environment For Darknet & Deep Web


Gautam Kumawat

Gautam Kumawat, a well known cyber security expert. He has been instrumental in helping police, CBI to solve a number of crime cases. Hailing from a small village of Pilani town, the computer was a far accessible thing for him. On moving to Jaipur for higher education, he came in contact with computer system. Addiction of facebook was a turning point for him as it helped in creating his interest in cyber areas. from his influence, Govt of Rajasthan Invited him in "Rajasthan IT Day-2016" as Guest Speaker & Under 20 Entrepreneur. By the time he was 17, he was already helping the police in their investigations. And his work has been appreciated by higher officials of police department. Apart from these, he has started sharing his knowledge through online platform to the youngesters from 160+countries who want to make cyber security as their career. Gautam has reviewed two bestseller books “Hands On Cybersecurity with Blockchain” and “Learning Android Forensics”. Many of the esteemed newspapers/media like Hindustan Times, The Economics Times, India Today, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Bhaskar and thriveglobal etc have featured him for spreading awareness about cyber crimes in society. Radio channels such as 91.1 Radio City, 93.5 Red FM and 92.7 BIG FM also fired his interview about his services and achievements.